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El Dorado County Wine Tours from Sacramento

Enjoy the spectacular beauty and world’s best wine with the El Dorado County wine tours from Sacramento offered by Empire Limousine. El Dorado is one of the best places to spend quality time with the loved ones. One of the best ways to spend your leisure time in El Dorado County is to visit the breathtaking wineries and vineyards.

We at Empire Limousine can make your wine tour extraordinary by arranging the finest vehicles such as limousines and party buses. Limousines are ideal for the transportation of a small group of people. Some of the limousines that we can arrange for the El Dorado County wine tour from Sacramento are Escalade Limo, Lincoln Limo and Hummer Limo.

El Dorado County Wineries

Take the wine tour from Sacramento to El Dorado County wineries without compromising comfort and pleasure with Empire Limousine. We can take you to the best wineries in this county to taste the wine and meet their makers.

Boeger Winery : You will be surprised to visit this wonderful winery as it has enchanting outdoors and tasting room. You can setup a picnic in the outdoors for the family fun and entertainment.

Fitzpatrick Winery : They offer a spectacular ambience to taste the wines and enjoy the scenery. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable to make you feel relax.

Jack Russell Farm Brewery & Winery : It is one of the finest wineries that can provide immense pleasure of tasting wine. You will also find pleasant staff to serve you in the best possible manner.

Miraflores Winery : It is located in the El Dorado’s heart, which make award-winning wines. The tasting room of the winery is Mediterranean-style inspired for charming ambience.

El Dorado County Restaurants

You can rely on us for the best vehicle to take you to the restaurants that serve mouthwatering food in the county. We can arrange a limousine and exotic car for your traveling pleasure. Some of the top-class restaurants in El Dorado are listed below.

Sienna Restaurant : Unique yet sophisticated dining experience is offered here. You can certainly enjoy your lunch, brunch or dinner while sipping wine at this place.

Purple Place : It is an award-winning restaurant for the best breakfast, lunch and American food. If you are in the County, then don’t miss this restaurant for meals.

Sizzling Fresh Mongolian BBQ : This place if ideal to taste the best Mongolian BBQ. The staff is friendly and welcoming to ensure the best dining experience.

El Dorado is truly an amazing place to visit. You can make your trip to El Dorado memorable with our special El Dorado County wine tour from Sacramento. We can also arrange the finest vehicle in this county to visit local attractions and entertainment spots. Contact Empire Limousine for experiencing the best travel pleasure.